Getting the Most out of English Equestrian Horse Riding and Supplies


If you love horse riding, then you need to do what it takes to have that enjoyable and competitive ride. To achieve that, you need to equip your horse with the necessary equipment for it to ride smoothly. You also need to equip yourself well to be comfortable when riding and protect yourself from any harm that might result in case anything happens. Below are supplies like horse bits that you need to enhance that smooth ride on your horse.

Horses require turnout blankets that are waterproof and are designed to ensure your horse is dry and warm always. When using the horse turnout blankets, it’s wise to monitor the fluctuating temperatures since harsh climate may affect your horse negatively. A breathable blanket has wicking properties that allow it to maintain normal body temperatures. However, when a blanket is heavy, heat and moisture cannot be dispensed easily, making your horse sweat. When looking for a blanket, consider the length of your mount’s coat, its behaviors and environment to ensure you get the right match for your horse. Also, ensure the blanket is properly fitted and straps are adjusted correctly.

Full seat breaches are necessary to enhance a smooth ride on your horse. The seat breaches are ideal when worn with half chaps or tall boots. They are designed with a section of a synthetic material or suede that covers the part of the rider that is in direct contact with the saddle. The material offers grip in the saddle to ensure you do not slide when at high speed or when the horse jumps.

Ensure your horse hooves are protected from harm by wearing him shoes. You should also ensure the feet are trimmed every six to eight weeks and shoes replaced, depending on the farrier advice. Horseshoes prevent possible damage that results from riding on hard surfaces. The shoes also add grip when your pony walks on slippery areas. Well, designed shoes can correct hoof problems and can be sued to keep medicine to protect from damage or bruising.

Horses require direct communication with the rider, and reins enable that. They are leather straps attached to the bit and stretch to the hand of the rider for directional commands. They also signal the horse when you want it to stop. These among other supplies are necessary to ensure the safety of the horse and that of the rider to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

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